Classes and General Rules

Minor Release Form

Age Waiver

Complete Rule Book

Flat Karts:OPEN TIRE
NKA rules unless specified.

Wing Karts: We will be testing tires through Blue Ridge Labs on Wing Kart Classes.
Hoosier tires only on all four corners. Absolutely no tire dope allowed on or in treads at  NEWTON KART KLUB tires may be impounded for testing at any time. All wing classes Must run treaded tires.



Kid KartAWARD 4-7 / 7mm FactoryComer IKF / 150lbs

Putt PuttAWARD 4-7 / And amateurs up to 10 / 4 cycle, gas, red plate / 235lbs

Junior 1 FlatAWARD 8-11 / 4 cycle 0.425” Restrictor Plate (Green) small pipe / Pump Gas / 270lbs

Junior 2 FlatAWARD 12-15 / 4 cycle 0.500 Restrictor plate (Purple) small pipe / Pump Gas / 300lbs

Predator 370AWARD 15+ / 4 cycle Pump Gas / 370lbs

Cadet WingAWARD 6-8 / Lo206 only red slide / 245lbs

Junior 1 WingAWARD  8-12 / Lo206 only green slide / 300lbs

Restricted Box Stock WingAWARD  5-8 / 4 cycle / 245lbs

Box Stock Wing MONEY 814 / 4 cycle / 300lbs

Intermediate Open Wing –MONEY 12-16 / Open Clone, / 350lbs

Adult Open Clone Wing
/ Open Clone, / 425lbs

Yamaha HeavyMONEY  15+ / Open Pipe / 370lbs

Adult Pro 370MONEY 15+ / 4 cycle Pump Gas / 370lbs

Sportsman MidgetMONEY 15+ / KT100/L2 Pipe/500lbs

50cc QuadAWARD

Junior 1 QuadAWARD

Junior 2 QuadAWARD


Flat Track BikeAWARD

Open Outlaw Wing-MONEY


Rules and Regulations for 2020

The intent of this rulebook is to provide a set of rules and procedures to race by that make it as fair as possible for all to race and be competitive. This rulebook will help establish the legality of karts and engines used in the Newton Kart Klub. Included in the following pages will be the rules to follow during the 2019 racing season.  If at any time it is determined that these rules need modification, they may be amended to incorporate these rules.  It is the hope of the NKK staff that all who participate in the karting program be there to have fun and enjoy kart racing.  If a modification or an item of optional equipment is not listed specifically, it will be considered illegal and will not be allowed.


NKK reserves the right to refuse to accept the entry of any kart or participant.  Furthermore, we reserve the right to revoke or cancel any entry, or any participant’s claimed right to be on the track premises, if it is felt or determined that a participant or pit crew’s presence or conduct is not in the best interest of the sport of kart racing, the competitors, the spectators.

NKK reserve the right to call any event if they consider it unsafe for drivers or spectators or track personnel. We reserve the right to decide or change any item not covered in the rulebook if it is deemed necessary. Raceway officials will decide if your kart or the operation of said kart is legal.

Pre-tech Inspection:

All karts/drivers must go through a pre-tech inspection the first time they race.  Any safety issues must be corrected and re-teched before the kart or driver will be allowed on the track.  Once a kart has passed a pre-tech inspection the driver/owner is responsible for maintaining the kart in the same manner as it was inspected.  Should any infraction be found at any time the driver/kart will be disqualified with a loss of awards and points for that race.

Tech Area:

1. After the races are over only the driver and one crew member may be in the tech area to assist with their kart getting through the scales and tech area.
2. If an engine is in the shed being checked, only that person and 2 crew members of that kart will be allowed in the building. NO ONE ELSE IS ALLOWED IN THE TECH AREA AT THIS TIME.
3. The top 3 karts must remain in the tech area until cleared by tech official

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. If you or your pit crew or owner are found to be swearing, fighting, making obscene gestures, or causing trouble, you will be penalized. Approaching the flagman or any race official during the races is considered unsportsmanlike conduct and will not be tolerated.

Social Media and other media outlets.
Occasional differences of opinion may arise regarding NKK rules and regulations, decisions by event officials, or event policies. However, communication and discussion of these differences must be handled directly between NKK, and their official and the parties involved. Publishing and discussing these differences on social media sites (such as Facebook or Twitter) may result in disciplinary action including loss of ability to participate in NKK events.

Threat of Legal Action: Any competitor, parent, legal guardian, or general participant of an event that threatens or takes legal action via an attorney against NKK or any of its members, board members, officers, event participants, will be ejected from the event and suspended from further participation in NKK sanctioned events.

Remember, this is a family sport, be sure to involve fun and respect in your racing program.