The Best of the Best will be at NEWTON KART KLUB this week!

2016 IKF SPEEDWAY GRAND NATIONAL AND OUTLAW WINGS The Best of the Best will be in Newton Ia at NEWTON KART KLUB this week 7/27/16 thru 7/29/16 racing for the ultimate DUFFY if you think your ONE of these come i DARE YOU parking will begin Tuesday at 8am to 8pm we also will park everyone Weds thurs fri 8am to 12

Tentative Schedule Weds thru Fri race day reg 9am to 2pm .Pretech 1pm to 2:45pm
Trophy pres 3pm thurs and fri 3pm and fridays races will follow features and tech
Tentative practice before heats everyday starting Weds will be 4pm to 5pm depending on Temps

MEMBERSHIP PAPERWORK PLEASE try to print of paper work from IKF website before attending and fill out also minor waiver paperwork under forms on IKF website copy of birth certificates are must for all minors NKK will have forms availible at track so you can sign up at track but to speed things up would be nice to have so of paperwork ready .TRACK CONTACT 515-208-4381 CALL OR TEXT


Thanks in advance TEAM NKK