Improvements at the Kart Klub

Over the past couple years the Newton Kart Klub has been making significant improvements to the facilities.
Permanent men’s and women’s bathrooms have been installed. A new area created for concessions and lot of new bleachers for spectators on the hill.
2017 we introduced the ability to register and pay online to speed up at track registration time.
2017 a new catch fence was fabricated and installed, and new drainage dug into the middle of the track.
In 2018 the Newton Kart Klub will introduce a new transponder system (Westhold System)
Any class with 10 or more karts will be required to rent a transponder for $10
This system will allow racers to get immediate data on their race statistics and be a much more consistent way to score the races.
Finally, the Kart Klub will host the Adrenaline Series for two races.

Maxxis will also be back at NKK this year on September 13th and 14th.

Any questions please contact Josh Ryther 785-341-7301

Below you will also find the first of the weekly flyers to be distributed at each race in 2018.
The back of the flyer has a calendar so you can save all the race dates for this year.